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Keratoprosthesis Workshop Toulouse March 8-9th, 2011

The ESVO continued its workshop series with its recent high calibre workshop run at the veterinary school in Toulouse, France. Twenty delegates attended from many countries around Europe including Israel.

The presenters were Pierre Francois Isard and Thomas Dulaurent. The ESVO were kindly invited to host the workshop in this location by Prof Alain Regnier. We thank our sponsors EDC Lamy, Jenssen, TVM and Merial.

It was a two-day meeting, commencing on day one with the history and the principles of the procedure of keratoprosthesis. The course is the result of ten years of research and investigation by Pierre Francois Isard on discovering a suitable implant for use in animals. The technique is suitable for some of our cases where corneal transparency has been lost. A common use is in chronic superficial keratitis where other options have failed. The principle is that one trephines a button of corneal tissue form the central cornea and replaces it with a transparent plastic prosthesis hence returning vision. It is an exacting but easily achievable technique. One must really attend a workshop to learn the details of the technique.

On day two, the delegates spent the day in the surgical unit, which had 15 microscopes for the twenty delegates; this permitted all delegates to perform a number of surgeries on the pig’s eyes.

On completion of the course, one could confidently return to practice with a new technique.

We thank Pierre Francois and Thomas Dulaurent for their excellent presentations and a very practical workshop.

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