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written 2017-06-13 16:18:29

Abstract submission deadline, grants and awards St Petersburg 2017

Dear ESVO member: 

This is a letter to remind you that abstract submission deadline for the next ESVO annual meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is just a few weeks away – June the 30th 2017. 

The deadline for application to an ESVO Research Grant or Travel Grant is June the 30th 2017 as well. 

There is also an Award for the Best Presentation during the Meeting in the amount of 500 euros. 

For more details on how to apply to a Grant or submit your abstract please go to the ESVO website (

Be sure not to miss these opportunities!


Best regards

Jiri Beranek, ESVO President

Esmeralda Delgado, ESVO Scientific Officer

Alexander Konstantinovsky, Chairman of Conference


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